Fundraiser for Abundant Grace School in Ghana

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We've partnered with Africa With Us and I Am C.U.L.T.U.R.E.D. to raise money for an underserved school in Cape Coast, Ghana called Abundant Grace. The school is in need of a lot of supplies and structural work. A team of rising juniors from New York City is traveling to Ghana with I Am C.U.L.T.U.R.E.D. on August 15, and will be taking supplies and donations to the school. Africa With Us is coordinating the trip, and the humanitarian efforts on the ground. Join us in making sure that these young students have all the supplies they need!

How Can I Donate?

Where Does the Money Go?
• School Supplies (pens, paper, books, folders, books, markers etc.)
• School Fees ($20 sends a child to school for a year)
• Building Maintenance (desks, classroom repair, chalkboards etc.)
• Menstrual Pads for young women
• $875 - to construct proper bathroom for the school, with 6 toilets (3 for girls, 3 for boys)


Thank you to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Psi Pi Omega Project Pink and Green Foundation for your generous donation towards this project!

About the Students:
There are 530 students ages 2-17 years old. Most come for underserved communities, and lack basic educational needs like desks, books, school supplies, uniforms, and fees to go to school.

What supplies can I send?
• School Supplies (pens, paper, books, folders, books, coloring books, educational materials, markers etc.)
• Menstrual Pads for young women

Where do I send supplies?

  1. Purchase on Amazon and ship to our office: We Work Attn: Tracey Coleman 195 Montague Street, 14th Floor. Must be delivered by Tuesday August 13, 2019. Please email if you ship items so we know to look for them.
  2. Drop off supplies at our office (same address above) on Tuesday August 13, 2019 between 10 AM - 8 PM. Please email to coordinate drop-off time.

Can I write off my donation?
YES! Purpose Driven Passports is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of citizens around the world. Each year we identify 3-5 projects to support, and collaborate to provide financial resources, supplies, and people needed on the ground to get the job done. Please email us if you need a letter for tax purposes.