A Warm Welcome in Nairobi, Kenya at Bethsaida Children's Center

In September we partnered with Africa with Us to deliver supplies and funding to Bethsaida Children's Center in Nairobi, Kenya. The center houses children from the local neighborhood, providing shelter, food, and activities for the children. The kids welcomed us to their home with songs in both Swahili and English (so cute!), and we were able to tour the facilities to see what's needed moving forward.

They recently suffered a fire, and are trying to rebuild and refurnish several areas in the building, including the boys dormitory (room) and their teaching room. They also need assistance with the tuition required for the children to attend school each day. We're in the process of finalizing how the funding from our June fundraiser will be applied at Bethsaida, but if you'd like to contribute additional money or resources, please click here to visit their website.