Our Projects


Spring 2019 | Cartagena, Colombia

Beneficiary: Amigos del Mar
Partner: OHPsalms
Project: Purpose Driven Passports is partnering OHPsalms, LLC and their annual "Travel Family" Memorial Day trip to raise money for children in Cartagena, Colombia. The funds raised will be used to support a local foundation called Amigos del Mar, which serves children in a primarily Afro-Columbian neighborhood where over 50% of the residents live in extreme poverty.

Amigos del Mar seeks out children who are absent from school due to family and economic problems.  Due to the economic conditions they do not have any motivation to attend school. Many lack of access to school materials, and those that do lack the spaces or the appropriate tools to perform their homework or school projects. The foundation then provides the school supplies and pay the fees, so they can start going to school. Addiitonally, they motivate and encourage self-discipline by teaching water sports including surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding.
This fundraiser will specifically help complete the construction of their small business restaurant, which is run by the students, helps them learn business skills and support themselves financially. Funds will also be used to provide school supplies which many of the students do not have. 


Spring/Summer 2019 | Soweto, South Africa
(video courtesy of Little Rose Center)

Beneficiary: Little Rose Center
 A limited time pop-up boutique selling items created by women at Little Rose center in Soweto, South Africa.The proceeds from this boutique support Little Rose Center and it's educational initiatives.
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About Little Rose:
The Little Rose Centre is a creche, a shelter, and a Youth Centre in Kliptown, one of the poorest areas in Soweto. The accommodate 140 children, 18 of whom live at the Centre, through daycare services, kindergarten classes, after school programs, computer classes, dance workshops, and a soup kitchen.

How to Help: (links coming soon!)

    1. Financial support
    2. Volunteer
    3. In-Kind Donation



    October 6-13, 2018 | Clarendon, Jamaica

    Partner: Veronica's Way
     Building new computer labs in Clarendon, Jamaica. 
    About Our Partner: 
    Veronica's Way is a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to providing opportunities for youth in the Caribbean Islands through computer literacy. Since its inception, Veronica's Way has donated over 80 computers created two fully-functioning computer labs in Haiti and seeks to further develop additional labs each program year.

    How to Help: (links coming soon!)

      1. Donate funds
      2. Sponsor a kit for the students (coming soon!)



      October 22-28, 2018 | Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti

      Partners: Haiti Got It; HAC-Haiti (nonprofit beneficiary)
      Project: A week long training in entrepreneurship for young adult students that includes courses in Entrepreneurship, Business/Finance & Marketing. Volunteers with expertise in Engineering, Law and Medicine will also be joining the team to assist with various needs of our nonprofit partner, HAC Haiti.
      Cost: Coming soon! Travel scholarships available
      About Our Partner: 
      HAC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that creates sustainable development and helps eliminates extreme poverty in Haiti by providing opportunities for education, health, & economic self-sufficiency. Click here to learn more about the organization.
      How to Help: 

      1. Join our Trip
      2. Donate funds




      Project: Savannah-la-Mar Inclusion Infant Academy, Westmoreland Jamaica
      Our Goal: $10,000 to help build a special-needs school for children aged 3-5 years old [update: this goal has been met! Thank you!]
      Partner: Rockhouse Foundation

      The Savannah-la-Mar Inclusion Infant Academy will offer developmental services to both special needs children and average learners who until now have been deprived of adequate care. In some cases it's because the system is unable to offer facilities and adequately trained professional care. In other cases the kids simply can't afford it or travel far enough to get the treatment they need.

      This school, envisioned and constructed by Rockhouse Foundation, will be the region's first Special Needs inclusion model early childhood school in the region. A trained staff of teachers, caregivers, therapists and healthcare professionals will not only create the highest quality special needs school community, but also train teachers and parents to identify and work with children with developmental delays and physical disabilities.



      Project: Bethsaida Children's Center
      Our Goal: $1,000 to help keep the children in school and help the center recover from a recent fire. [update: this goal has been met! Thank you!]

      Bethsaida Children's Center opened their doors in 2012 to provide a home for destitute and orphaned children, giving them a place to call home. The center helps the children with after-school activities, and provides supplies to help them with their studies.

      Bethsaida Children Center’s long term visions include:

      • Workshops for counseling of single, teenage and raped mothers who tend to be most vulnerable to abandoning their children. This is a programme we hope will eventually spread throughout the country
      • Educating and giving teenage mothers a second chance at life after birth by acting as a halfway house for the children while the mothers go back to school and as soon as they finish school, they can come back for their children.